Metal Collection and Disposal

Demolizione Paglierani SNC: Your reliable partner for the management of special waste and the recovery of ferrous scrap.

If you are looking for a professional in the sector of special waste disposal, both dangerous and non-hazardous, and of the recovery of ferrous scrap in the province of Forli-Cesena and Rimini and in the entire region of Central-Northern Italy, Demolizione Paglierani SNC is what you need.

With consolidated forty years of experience in the field, Demolizione Paglierani has the expertise and means necessary to offer its customers a complete and reliable service in waste management.

The disposal of special waste is today subject to strict regulations, but you can count on us as a reference for companies that want to deal with the entire process efficiently. From the pre-disposal analysis to the compilation of documents and forms, up to the transport to our storage center and the subsequent start of the disposal and/or recovery process, we are at your side.

Our customers include companies and warehousing centers who benefit from our facility and its storage capacity, ensuring fast and effective process management.

To guarantee efficiency, reliability and sustainability to our customers, we make waste disposal authorizations available on our website. You will be able to consult them easily and have the peace of mind of collaborating with a partner who complies with all current regulations.

Choose Demolizione Paglierani SNC as your trusted partner for the management of special waste and the recovery of ferrous scrap. Contact us today to receive more information and start a successful collaboration.

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